Why does Be Moved provide 1080p resolution livestreams?

Because we can!
Well not exactly, because 1080p takes quite a bit of bandwith, and any lower resolution would be easier to provide, however, BeMoved believes that quality is the primary criterion on which to distinguish the good from the average.

Nowadays, with the current situation in the world, many organisations provide livestreams and use a wide variety of platforms for this. They agree with the platform on a certain level of bandwith to provide to the viewers and pay for that. However when this bandwith is starting to get full because there are many viewers, the platform reduces the resolution of the stream, so that all can keep watching, but with lower quality. From the platform's perspective, this is the right thing to do.
But, at this point, the organisation should start paying more money to the platform to increase the bandwith. Since they reached many viewers and probably sold many products as well, it should not be an issue of money. However, in order to cut costs, instead they try to convince you into believing that a lower quality is also fine. Surely because they want to keep the money themselves and hope that they do not need to invest more, so long as you do not complain. Therefore, do not let anybody tell you that 720p, or even 360p is fine too, because it is not. You most likely have a 1080p monitor (or perhaps even higher), so if you watch a livestream with a lower resolution, the quality will quickly degrade and you are watching rubbish.
Note that 360p is NINE times smaller than 1080p. They are scamming you with a vastly lower quality than you deserve. Be Moved believes this is not right and will always strive to provide you with 1080p. If you agree with us, please consider a donation to help us pay for the hosting expenses. Thanks.